I grew up watching the Justin Wilson Cooking Show on TV. Our food came from the garden, the woods, or the pond. Farm to table was just life. It was wonderful and it's a very Louisiana thing. We love growing, hunting and cooking food. We love a good time and a good story. Our way of life gave me a passion for visual storytelling and real food.

As a photographer, I started early with my first newspaper job at age 17. I  shot miles and miles of Kodak Tri-X film. As the digital age dawned, I dove into the new tools of visual storytelling and learned the techniques of video. I have shot everything: sports, music, politicians, food, etc. I've received accolades for my work. My newspaper career was both a blessing and a wonderful education.

Ultimately, I wanted to focus more on my passions so I left Louisiana for the big city of Atlanta. Ida Red Media has incubated and hatched. It’s all about food and visual storytelling.

Here at Ida Red, we add a little love and a ton of lagniappe to tell your story in pictures both still and moving. Call us today at (504) 533-4863